Adaptogens increase the body’s non‑specific resistance to the harmful influence of various physical factors, such as, cooling, overheating, enhanced motor activity, increased or decreased barometric pressure, and ultraviolet or ionising radiation. Adaptogens have also been shown to increase the body’s resistance to the harmful influence of both chemical and biological natures (various toxins, narcotics, hormones, foreign serums, bacteria, etc.).

Many facts concerning this kind of universal defence action have been obtained for adaptogens. In observations on sailors in the tropics, it was revealed that in 70 ‑ 75% of the test subjects, Eleutherococcus decreased the manifestation of unfavourable changes in the central nervous system, thermoregulation, and hemodynamics (changes associated with the process of adaptation to an environment for which the human body is unaccustomed). Eleutherococcus also contributed to an increase in physical and mental work capacity, alleviation of tension in the function of the adrenal glands, and improvement in the functional state of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

In another study on female vegetable farmers, the body’s resistance to harmful environmental factors increased, the general physical and mental state improved, and work productivity increased by 23.5% after taking Eleutherococcus. Eleutherococcus also contributed to better recovery after intense physical work.Adaptogens also possess an anti‑alcoholic action, decreasing the desire for alcohol. In one observation involving 148 people, the favourable anti‑alcoholic action of Eleutherococcus was noted in 73% of the test subjects in the experimental group.

Researchers                       Institutes
V.V. Berdyshev                      Vladivostok Medical Institute
Vladivostok, Russia

A.E. Bulanov                          Department of Physiology and Pharmacology of the
M.I. Polozhentseva               Institute of Marine Biology
Vladivostok, Russia

S.A. Nikitin                             Volgograd Medical Institute
T.A. Orobinskaya                  Volgograd, Russia
T.N. Serkacheva

Ehud Ben‑Hur                        Nuclear Research Centre
Beer‑Sheva, Israel

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