Research institutions have discovered that adaptogens are vital for enhancing a person’s capacity for physical workloads. Adaptogens have been widely used in studies with workers in professions involving intense physical  work strain. They significantly improve bodily functions, by enhancing the body’s ability to perform physical tasks and to recover after strenuous physical activity. In tests on 655 healthy men, all of whom were employed as flight personnel (pilots, navigators, radio operators), Eleutherococcus, Aralia, and Schizandra accelerated recovery processes following tiresome flight schedules. The subjects’ physiological state improved significantly within three hours of a flight to levels even higher than prior to the flight.

In one long‑range study involving 60 000 people conducted over a 10‑year period at the Volzhsky Automobile Factory in Tolyatti, Russia, absence and disability were reduced by 20 – 30% after taking Eleutherococcus. A 30 – 50% decrease in cases of influenza and a general improvement in health were also noted.

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 J. Hancke

G. WikmanA.K. SchezinV.I. Zinkovich

L.K. GalanovaP.P. Guhchenko

N.K. Fruentov

Swedish Herbal Institute

Goteborg, SwedenLaboratory of Medical‑Physiological Control

Tolyatti, RussiaKhabarovsk Medical Institute

Khabarovsk, Russia

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