Along with the research which proved adaptogens’ value for improving physical work, research studies involving various tests of mental acuity have demonstrated that adaptogens also have the ability to increase a person’s mental work capacity. That is, they increase both the amount of mental exercise person can carry out, as well as the quality of that work.

For example, Schizandra chinensis and Rhaponticum carthamoides exerted a strong simulative influence among test subjects who displayed great improvement in reading comprehension, aptitude, and speed.Rhodiola rosea and Aralia mandshurica enhance a person’s ability for memorization and prolonged concentration. In proofreading tests, after taking Rhodiola extract, a decrease in the quantity of mistakes was observed in 88% of the experimental group, while an increase in the quantity of mistakes was observed in 54% of the control group.

Eleutherococcus senticosus, the “King” of the adaptogens, has been shown to increase mental capacity by improving reflex action, attention span, and the precision of performed work. Improvement in hearing, eyesight, and motor co-ordination was also additional benefit noted in these studies.

Researchers                   Institutes
A.A. Lebedev                      Far East Scientific Centre of the USSR Academy of Sciences
V.V. Kazakevich                 Vladivostok, Russia
V.D. Linderbraten
L.V. Turbina

V. Petkov                             Institute of Physiology
D. Yonkov                           Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
A. Mosharoff                      Sofia, Bulgaria

M.A. Gerasyuta                  Scientific‑Research
T.N. Koval                           Institute of Sea Transport Hygiene
Leningrad, Russia

A.S. Saratikov                    Tomsk Medical Institute
E.A. Krasnov                      Tomsk, Russia

P.P. Gubchenko                Khabarovsk Medical Institute
N.K. Fruentov                   Khabarovsk, Russia

R.Yu. Il’uchenok               Institute of Physiology
S.R. Chaplygina                Novosibirsk, Russia

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