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These are the questions potential Customers and new Associates often asked. And, we believe it is important for YOU to have a good understanding of the company you represent and why we have chosen the network approach to marketing our products.

Many American companies have legendary histories, which illustrate the opportunities that abound in America, and PrimeQuest is no exception. Founded in 1992 by Vaughn Feather, PrimeQuest is the latest enterprise of the Feather family, one of the most respected names in the health and fitness industry. The roots of PrimeQuest reach back to Vaughn’s parents’ establishment of a health club, which grew into one of the largest chains of women’s health spas in the U.S. As the Feather enterprises developed, they began the direct marketing of various fitness innovations, and soon expanded the business around the world. A natural extension of these endeavours was the development and marketing of a nutritional dietary breakthrough known as the Cambridge diet, using the personal approach of distributors who had experienced successful results themselves. This method proved so effective, that in 2½ years, seven million people had used the Cambridge plan – the forerunner of all other meal replacements on the market today. The Feather family is not only one of the great pioneers of the multi-billion dollar-a-year diet industry, but also set sales records in network marketing that have yet to be touched.

Alan and Gloria who had worked for PrimeQuest International for many years then brought the company and its products to South Africa in 1999. Together they successfully built PrimeQuest Multi-level marketing and sold PrimeQuest product range via multi-level marketing.

At the start of 2012, the Bowies decided to retire and sell the PrimeQuest Business. Mike and Deidre Stringer then bought the business in May 2012. Michael Stringer was born in Cape Town, educated at University of Cape Town and the University of Cumbria in Wales. Holds an MBA with the University of Cumbria, an ELP with the University of Cape Town and has completed various technical diploma courses. Michael started his career at Fine Chemicals 27 years ago as a grade 1 (cleaner) employee and completed his career, 27 years later, as the CEO of the business. Fine Chemicals business is owned by Aspen Pharmaceuticals who is the 8th Largest Generic Pharma Company in the world. Deidre is a highly motivated self-educator and is regarded as one of the country’s top Syspro consultants with more than 20 years of business systems and software systems experience. Between Deidre and Mike, they have 7 children ranging from age 3 to 27 years old. Michael and Deidre are driven business executives and are notoriously passionate about their work, determined to succeed at all costs and yet have the ability to dedicate their free time to the large family. Both Deidre and Mike enjoy playing golf and have had the privilege of playing at a number of golf courses across the world, when time permits. With Deidre and Mike’s many years of international business knowledge and experience, they plan to grow Prime Quest into a leading Health and Cosmetic Products business in South Africa.

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