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Background and Evidence
Studies on the entirely natural Rhaponticum carthamoides extract have shown that it is safe and helps the body achieve a wide spectrum of positive biological actions, including the ability to aid the body in the synthesis of protein. Scientific studies revealed that Rhaponticum carthamoides extract, when included in the diet, has pronounced tonic and adaptogenic effects, increasing dynamic work capacity, activating sexual behaviour, and improving adaptive abilities with respect to environmental stresses. Rhaponticum carthamoides extract has a fundamentally different mechanism of action and does not cause the androgenic, thymolytic, antigonadotropic effects inherent in anabolic steroids.

Studies conducted in seven clinics in Moscow, Kiev, and Leningrad revealed that Rhaponticum carthamoides extract significantly improves the physical and mental state of patients, enhances the general tone, increases work capacity, and increases body weight during conditions of decreased nourishment caused by protein synthesis disorders. Its anabolic properties caused a normalization of body weight among the subjects. Moreover, Rhaponticum carthamoides extract had a positive influence on the metabolic indicators of the cardiac muscle. In no case were side effects noted. Moreover, no negative influences were noted on the functions of either the adrenal cortex or the endocrine glands.

Rhaponticum carthamoides extract has been extensively studied on athletes to better understand its important affect on physical performance. In experiments with 112 athletes, 89 percent of those receiving Rhaponticum carthamoides extract displayed a more rapid passing of fatigue, less apathy after physical work, and improved performance in sports such as track and field athletics, swimming, speed skating, and ski racing. The speed and strength qualities of the tested athletes were all significantly improved in comparison with the control group which received a placebo. The study confirmed the effectiveness of Rhaponticum carthamoides extract on physical rehabilitative processes in that a more rapid normalization of lactic and uric acid occurred in the tested subjects.

After taking Rhaponticum carthamoides extract, 69 percent of the subjects displayed accelerated adaptation to climatic and social conditions, 86 percent displayed an improved appetite, and 78 percent registered a significant increase in adaptation to intense physical work loads. Additionally, a comparison experiment was conducted with commonly known anabolic steroids. The Rhaponticum carthamoides’ effect was comparable to that of the steroid compounds yet the former had none of the negative affects on the function of the adrenal cortex. The androgenic effects of anabolic steroids and their accompanying side effects were not revealed in the Rhaponticum carthamoides extract.

Based on in depth studies, Russian scientists, researchers, and trainers have recommended Rhaponticum carthamoides in many areas of athletics for improving speed and strength abilities, as well as for enhancing the muscular functions. Since it actively influences the metabolic processes in the organs and tissues, the Rhaponticum carthamoides extract is effective for preventing and eliminating the myocardial over-tension associated with physical exercise. This greatly contributes to the recovery processes after physical work. Many laboratory studies have shown the anabolic affects of Rhaponticum carthamoides, including the capacity to increase body weight by improving the muscle fat ratio, to increase haemoglobin and erythrocyte levels, to raise the total level of protein content in the blood, and to reduce the build up of uric acid. The proven net result of this nutrient is that the body’s muscle building processes outpace the muscle breakdown processes, leading to greater fitness, endurance, and performance.

All of the above factors indicate that the Rhaponticum carthamoides extract will, by positively changing the protein balance in athletes, increase the mass of contractive muscle fibres as the result of workloads, and prevent an unwanted decrease in muscle mass caused by a decrease in training activity. This greatly helps competitive athletic performance by supporting the level of physical training even during the periods of lower activity which precede competitions (tapering).

Rhaponticum carthamoides extract is the core ingredient in Prime Plus. The other components in Prime Plus are a group of natural proteins and vitamins blended to provide maximum energy building processes. Protein preparations have long been used as part of the diet of athletes. Such preparations directly influence the synthesis of muscle protein, providing for the development of strength and speed/strength qualities. The vitamin complex in Prime Plus is also vital for speeding the recovery processes after physical exercise.

One important study was conducted at the National Research Institute of Sport in Moscow, Russia, the primary organization providing sports research and development support to the Soviet and now Russian Olympic teams. A natural protein substance was used in combination with Rhaponticum carthamoides extract. The protein preparation was known from previous in depth studies to favourably influence the muscle fat ratio as well as work capacity among athletes. In the combined study it was found that taking Rhaponticum carthamoides extract and proteins was optimal to achieve the highest increase in work capacity in athletes.

The results of the study revealed the pronounced affect of the protein supplement in preventing a decrease in muscle mass, which is a natural result of intensive training. Moreover, taking the protein in combination with Rhaponticum carthamoides extract resulted in a reliable accrual of muscle tissue and a significant decrease in the fat content. In spite of the strong anabolic action of the Rhaponticum carthamoides preparation, no side effects were noted in any of the test subjects, confirming the safety of the products.

In studies conducted on Prime Plus, its favourable effect on work capacity, the muscle fat ratio, and the rehabilitative process were demonstrated. For example, an increase in the muscle component and a decrease in the fat tissue were observed after taking Rhaponticum carthamoides extract. After taking Prime Plus a more favourable improvement in the muscle fat ratio was noted. There were no changes in the hormonal sexual state in relation to the level of testosterone and epitestosterone, after taking Prime Plus, indicating the safety of the product. In one study on a group of marathon runners, aged 51 68 years, the use of Prime Plus proved vital to the facilitation of training. Usually, long distance runners can suffer from a loss of muscle tissue as a result of their exhaustive regimens. However, Prime Plus enabled them to train even more intensely, while building muscle weight and decreasing the fat tissue.

What follows is a summation of specific actions attributed to adaptogenic plants contained in Prime 1 and Prime Plus. These descriptions are taken from in depth studies, many of which are identified on the following pages. The citations listed in the bibliography represent a few among the thousands of references in world scientific literature on the ingredients in these Prime Products. These selected references are offered as general background to the long standing widespread use and testing of these ingredients and its purpose is solely informational. No medical advice is given or intended by PrimeQuest. If you have a medical condition or health problem you should seek the advice of your own physician or health professional before taking any Prime Products.

Adaptogenic ingredients in Prime Products:
• Eleutherococcus senticosus
• Rhaponticum carthamoides
• Glycyrrhiza uralensis
• Rhodiola rosea
• Schizandra chinensis
• Rosa majalis
• Aralia mandshurica

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