Ramadan Special ( 3 tubs of Prime Perfect + 1 tub of Prime 3) (Customer)

Ramadan Special ( 3 tubs of Prime Perfect + 1 tub of Prime 3) (Customer)


Ramadan Special – from the 1st May 2018 to 18th June 2018

Included in Purchase 3 x tubs Prime Perfect (please specify flavour)

1 tub Prime 3

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Fasting during the Holy month of Ramadaan


  1. In the morning, remember that you need to worry more about your blood sugar levels for the day than anything else – make sure you drink lots of water.


  1. Start your Sehri (morning breakfast) with Prime 1 and Prime Perfect. This will help with your stress levels and your blood sugar levels.  Prime Perfect also gives you 50% of your Nutritional requirements for the day including your protein (amino acids).  If you still want your porridge, tea, toast etc that’s OK.


  1. At Iftar time (evening breakfast) start with another serving of Prime 1, a glass of water (not chilled) and one to three dates followed only by a combination of different fruits (whatever is in season).


  1. After Magrib Salaat (sunset prayers) you may then have a normal meal. Samoosas, pies, and any other luxuries should only be consumed after this.  Remember that anything fried in cooking oil is the worst food that you can eat. Especially when you are fasting.  Always try to use ghee in your cooking, it doesn’t make you fat and it is very good for you, in a number of different ways.


  1. Remember; drink water as much as you can especially in the evening about one hour after your meal. Always try to avoid drinking when you are eating.

Ramadaan Mubarak


Make sure you stock up with Prime Perfect during the month of Ramadaan.


Fasting places the body under huge stress, leaving you tired and exhausted.


There is no finer way to feed your body during the fast, than with the exceptional

nutritional benefits of Prime Perfect, combined with the unique benefits of Prime 1 and Prime 3


We wish all our Muslim

Associates well over the holy month of Ramadaan.


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