Helps You Deal With Menopause (Customer)


Increase in sex hormone production in both men and women.

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• Increase in serum FSH and Oestradiol in women.
• Improvement in sexual desire in both men and women.
• May normalize ovulation in infertile women when used prior to ovulation.
• Increase in sperm count, motility, and health.
• Decrease in the effects of anti-sperm antibodies.
• Overall fertility tonic for male and female reproductive system.
• Helps balance the hormones for women experiencing difficult “change of life” changes.
• Decreases vasomotor symptoms accompanying menopause.

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Weight 118 g


Ecdisten (Rhaponticum carthamoides) is a powerful energizer that is found in remote regions of Russia, and is exclusive to Prime Quest. This remarkable plant extract has been the subject of exhaustive clinical trials and improves muscle tone, boosts energy levels, and has extraordinary youth restoring properties.


New to Prime Passion, is extract of Malaysian Ginseng (Long Jack Powder). This highly effective sexual booster is widely used in the Far East.

Tribulus terrestis

Dosage and Direction of Use


Men, who need a boost in libido, should take 6 capsules daily for 14 days once a month only. This can be reduced to 3 per day for 20 days with no capsules for 10 days. This has proven to be the most effective way of taking the extracts.



Take 2 capsules daily with no break. This can be increased to 4 per day if necessary.

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60 Capsules

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