Helps prevent illness by ensuring a strong immune system. HIV patients are currently using it to assist with increasing the T-cell level.


Dr. Brekhman’s formula, the ultimate combination of adaptogens — helps bring the body up to its optimum level of well-being to protect itself from the negative effects of stress. Stress not only steals vitality, health, and energy — stress undermines performance. Prime 1 works to improve the function of every cell in the body, all at the same time. The body — better able to cope with stress — can perform on a higher plane. Prime 1 is a liquid herbal food supplement, taken daily. It provides the body what it needs to protect, Balance and normalize its systems to enhance overall health and well-being. It provides the foundation you need to break through to new levels of performance.

All Prime Quest products are natural, hypo-allergenic, and contain no drugs or banned substances. All ingredients have been recognized and accepted for use in food products; and all products are manufactured under strict quality standards.

PrimeQuest provides the nutritional support you need to help achieve:

  • Superior Immune Booster
  • More energy and stamina
  • Superior performance levels
  • Faster recovery
  • Increased strength
  • Better focus and concentration
  • Less muscle breakdown
  • Better sleep
  • Improved immune resistance
  • Better attitude toward stress
  • Better motivation
  • Better ability to cope with changes in time zones, altitudes, and climates

Dr. Ben Tabachnik, PrimeQuest VP of R&D; Former Head of Research Group, Soviet Olympic Track and Field Team…

“For twenty years in the former Soviet Union, I researched and used natural nutritional supplements for elite athletes. These secrets gave the Soviet Olympic teams a key competitive advantage, especially in enhancing performance and restoration. We have used the best of the secret Soviet research to create the PrimeQuest High Performance Program – the next generation of nutritional supplements. This program is an important breakthrough for athletes at any level.”

Additional information

Weight 1000 g

Product Description

You may not know a lot about adaptogens herbs, but chances are, you will most definitely like their health benefits. Adaptogenic herbs are herbs that help the body deal with problems like stress, depression and fatigue. It is thought that these types of herbs can control levels of cortisol, a hormone that is released when people are experiencing high levels of stress. If levels of cortisol become very high, it can affect the immune system and slow recovery times. Adaptogen herbs are also believed to help with more serious problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Product Benefits

PrimeQuest International has special access to these herbs and has formulated a product (Prime1) that has been successfully used across the world for many years. By using Prime 1, you will experience the most effective health-enhancing phytonutrient, ever developed. Prime 1 represents the culmination of 45 years of scientific research by the late Dr. Israel Brekhman, a scientist who studied hundreds of plants to uncover the seven remarkable herbal plants in this formula.  Dr. Brekhman selected only those plants which could naturally protect human cells and organs from internal and external toxins and stresses. These substances also have the remarkable ability to help normalize and restore cell and organ function. Additionally, they are totally safe and non-toxic, like any widely used substances must be.

What effects will you feel?


The studies of Brekhman and associates in humans and animals have demonstrated that the blend of “adaptogens” have effectively induced the following physiological responses and biological actions:


  1. Uplift physical work capacity along with performance and endurance
  2. Enhance mental work capacity.
  3. Heighten the body’s nonspecific resistance to various stressors such as toxins, excessive cooling, overheating, altered barometric pressure, ultraviolet, ionizing, and cosmic radiation and too much motor activity.
  4. Offer beneficial effects in cardiovascular and respiratory system
  5. Improve eyesight, color perception, hearing, and vestibular functions.
  6. Promote longevity.
  7. Increase protein biosynthesis.
  8. Raise antibodies at immunization.
  9. Elevate the body’s enzyme synthesis by means of general endocrine stimulation.
  10. Quench free radicals so as to prevent oxidizing pathology.


The following is a summary of the findings of an independent telephonic interview study conducted by Merrill Research & Associates (MRA).


The Key Findings:


  1. The effect of Prime 1 on long-term users appears to be extremely beneficial.
  2. 97% had noticed a positive change or at least one benefit commonly associated with Prime 1.
  3. 90% had noticed improvements in at least five areas.
  4. 68% reported a positive change in at least 10 areas.


Specific Findings:


  • Less tension or anxiety – 88%
  • Better able to cope with stress – 87%
  • More energy – 87%
  • Improved relationship with spouse – 71%
  • Improved relationship with children – 68%
  • Lost weight while on Prime 1 – 57%

Product Ingredients

  1. ELEUTHEROCOCCUS SENTICOSUS (Acantho Root) Eleutherococcus works with the body to normalize body systems, reduce stress caused by physical and psychological overload, and increase endurance, stamina and work capacity.
  2. RHODIOLA ROSEA (Golden Root) Known as “Golden Root,” Rhodiola Rosea is found in the Altai Mountains, among other areas of the world, where it has been known for more than 400 years. It contains a broad spectrum of nutritional elements, which work with the body to increase stamina for prolonged mental activity and enhanced endurance.
  3. ARALIA MANDSHURICA (Manchurian Thorn Tree) The Manchurian roots were thought to be a general strengthening tonic that promoted increased physical capacity and mental acuity.
  4. SCHIZANDRA CHINENSIS (Chinese Magnolia Vine) This ancient plant has been used for centuries throughout the Far East, China, Japan, and Russia. The complex nutritional makeup of this plant works with the body to increase physical productivity, attention and work capacity and to speed recuperation from fatigue.
  5. RHAPONTICUM CARTHAMOIDES (Wild) (Maral Root) Its biologically active nutrients work with the body to improve circulation and mental acuity.
  6. GLYCYRRHIZA URALENSIS (Ural Licorice Root) The Glycyrrhiza root, an elementary food, is one of the most ancient plants and has been widely used in China, India, Tibet and many other lands. It works with the body to increase circulation, enhance skin tone and protect against stress.
  7. ROSA MAJALIS (Cinnamon Rose) Extract of Rosa Majalis, a member of the rose family. With extract of Glycyrrhiza, it promotes a balancing and normalizing effect on the body systems and provides antioxidant, multi-vitamin C activity.

Product Dosage

Suggested Daily Serving: for Children, Women and Men

1 to 4 years old                 5 to 10ml Daily

5 to-11 years                      15ml Daily

12 to-65 years old            30ml Daily

75+ years old                     5 to 10ml Daily

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