The adaptogenic plants which comprise the fundamental ingredients of Prime Products have been shown through extensive laboratory study and clinical trials to support and improve the function of the sensory organs.

In one study, 111 205 physiological tests were conducted to reveal the influence of Eleutherococcus on members of railroad locomotive brigades. The test subjects experienced improved general physical and mental states, increased endurance, improved headache alleviation and prevention, and decreased irritability, which is often associated with this high stress occupation. The use of Eleutherococcus also led to improved vision, including increased chromatic stability, improved spectral and contrast sensitivity, improved colour differentiation, and increased long distance signal visibility – all of which are crucial to the safety and effectiveness of people in this occupation.

In another study on 156 people exposed to industrial noise, after taking Eleutherococcus, all the participants reported a marked improvement in their general physical and mental condition, an increase in productivity, an alleviation or complete elimination of ringing in the ears, and an improvement in general hearing ability. In yet another study on 65 healthy individuals, mainly air, sea, rail, and automobile commuters or employees, using Eleutherococcus extract led to alleviation or elimination of discomfort for those suffering from motion sickness and the general discomforts associated with travel.

Schizandra proves particularly valuable for sharpening the eyesight, while Aralia reliably improves perceptual acuity in skill tests. In wide trials, these natural substances have proven to be extremely valuable for professionals whose occupations bring heavy demands on the eyes, ears, and other senses. In every study, among pilots, machine operators, astronauts, and factory workers, the sensory functions have shown significant improvement under the influence of the various adaptogens.

Researchers                    Institutes
E.F. Beburin                        Institute of Biologically Active Substances of the Far East
Department of the USSR Academy of Science
Vladivostok, Russia

T.L. Sosnova                        All‑Union Institute of Rail Road Hygiene
Moscow, Russia

M.S. Trusov                         Far East Central Military Hospital
Khabarovsk, Russia

V.A. Sinovich                      Khabarovsk Medical Institute
Z.B. Akhmerova                 Khabarovsk, Russia

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