Prime Mist For Youthful Skin and Hair

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Primal Mist will replenish and balance - in fact, transform – your skin and hair. What was once nature's beauty secret is now available to you from PrimeQuest.

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Everyone wants to look and feel healthy. And a true reflection of physical well-being is skin and hair that looks healthy and alive. Achieving that look is not always easy. In our constant battle with the elements, our skin and hair take the brunt of the punishment thrust upon us by pollution, toxic chemicals, and harsh weather.

Primal Mist will provide you with a protective foundation for your skin and hair. This natural formulation contains an extraordinary bioactive water, Aqua Prima™, which is enriched by nutrients of thousands of plants found in one of the earth's most pristine, remote regions. Aqua Prima™ is then combined with other extraordinary ingredients including Eleutherococcus Senticosus the single most effective adaptogen, to create a powerful, protective barrier between you and your daily environment.

Benefits of using Primal Mist...
Primal Mist provides valuable nutrients to keep skin tighter, smoother, more youthful looking, as it balances the pH of skin and hair.
Use it to ease sunburn and prevent peeling. It reduces dandruff and helps prevent hair loss/balding. It can also be used as a revitalizing spray for tired feet or as a wonderful aftershave skin calmer.

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