Normalizing Effect

The adaptogenic ingredients of Prime 1 and Prime Plus have an important normalizing effect on all bodily functions. In studies of an icebreaker's crew on extended Arctic voyage, after 4 months of sailing, Rhaponticum extract had a normalizing effect on the central nervous and cardiovascular systems, leading to improved sleep, appetite, mood, general mental and physical state, and general enhancement of the functional ability of humans under working conditions.

In experiments simulating the effects of extreme changes in altitude on mountain rescue workers, the normalizing action of adaptogens on metabolic disorders occurring under such conditions was revealed. According to the data, adaptogens have a normalizing action on the synthesis of RNA during stress. Adaptogens also contribute to the normalization of protein, vitamin, and water‑salt metabolism. Extremes in bodily functions like high cholesterol, low haemoglobin levels, irregular sugar contents, and abnormal blood pressure may be normalized with the support of adaptogens, which activate and regulate normal and efficient blood circulation. At the same time, the use of adaptogens in no way disrupts the function of these bodily systems.


Researchers Institutes
G.N. Bezdetko Department of Physiology and Pharmacology of Adaptation
Institute of Marine Biology
Vladivostok, Russia
E.M. Mikaelyan         
A.B. Aphrikyan   
Department of Bioorganic and Biological Chemistry
Erevan Medical Institute
Erevan, Armenia
V.V. Berdyshev    Vladivostok Medical Institute
Vladivostok, Russia
M.A. Gerasyuta         
T.N. Koval                  
S.A. Keyzer

Scientific‑Research Institute of Sea
Transport Hygiene
Leningrad, Russia

S.A. Brandis               
V.N. Pilovitskaya  
Mountain Rescue Laboratory
Donetsk, Ukraine