The Immune System

Studies show that the adaptogenic extracts included in the unique formula for Prime 1 render vital support to the immune system. For example, in one study of healthy volunteers, a general enhancement of the activation state of T‑lymphocyte was observed after administering Eleutherococcus. T‑lymphocyte cells are also called "killer cells" because they attack and destroy various viruses. Another study revealed that Eleutherococcus extract augments the phagocytic activity of the peripheral blood leukocytes and favours the reduction of pathological flora on the surface of the skin, indicating an increase in the body's non‑specific resistance. The effect of adaptogens, manifested by their ability to induce the formation of endogenic interferon (intracellular development of basic anti‑viral proteins), reveals essential aspects of their control over the immune and non‑specific mechanisms which protect the body from viruses. Adaptogens exert a strong immunomodulatory influence in health test subjects and can be considered non‑specific immunostimulants.


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