About PrimeQuest

A few years ago, Dr. Brekhman formed an exclusive collaboration with PrimeQuest International, made possible by the breakup of the USSR. They created programs based on his experience, knowledge and vision. They worked together to further enhance the technology. Dr. Brekhman's lifetime of research culminated with the development of PRIME 1 and the High Performance Program, his greatest contribution to humankind. The Russian Olympic Committee contracted with Prime Quest International. They used this new product on FOUR of the Russian's TEN Olympic teams in the Winter Games. THESE SAME FOUR TEAMS WON ALL OF RUSSIA'S ELEVEN GOLD MEDALS!!!

PrimeQuest International is a multilevel marketing business (MLM) but it is the company’s future business strategy to enter the retail market, both online and via retail stores. The PrimeQuest business plan for the past 17 years was based on selling its products exclusively on a MLM basis.  The MLM processes, which very basically requires person to person sales or direct selling, has in the past, worked for the business fairly well, however the business model has not aligned itself to the changing technologies and the change in human behavioural patterns, until now. The MLM concept, has however, always been a very successful sales and marketing tactic employed by companies like Amway, Tupperware and Herbalife. PrimeQuest business model has essentially been based on a similar model but has had limited success and mainly due to the changing technological capabilities – consumers have become more informed and will conduct their own research before buying a product. We saw this as an opportunity and our products and comprehensive product data are now available on-line and can be sourced from selected Pharmacies and Health Shops as well. Initially the majority of the consumers in South Africa have never heard of PrimeQuest and our products but since consumers are able to find on-line data on our products, sales has grown by an astounding 58% in the first half of this financial year. Our products work and we have clinical trials to prove they work and as the word gets out there, we will achieve even greater growth. The strength of the products will then drive the sales. Everyone stresses and everyone has concerns over weight control but not many people can find a product that genuinely works. The PrimeQuest product ingredients are documented by scientists to provide: stress-protective action, immune system support, increased physical work capacity, enhanced mental work capacity, normalized bodily functions, increases the body's non-specific resistance, antioxidant, anti-aging action, cardiovascular system support, improved performance, endurance, and rehabilitation. The quality of our products is the key aspect of our marketing campaign and together with a dynamic team of sales agents and distributors, we expect PrimeQuest to become a household brand name.

Our plan is to continue selling the products per the MLM process as this is an extremely effective way of creating employment and a good source of income for anyone who requires additional income and especially for the unemployed. Person to person sales is very effective and has far more success than advertising. PrimeQuest has made a concerted effort to recognize the different social structures within South Africa and the challenging dynamics which exist in these societies. We have focussed on creating income opportunities for people in our poor townships. All you have to do is call in to our highly professional sales team who will gladly assist and get you in the system in a heartbeat. Our African community have been using natural remedies for thousands of years and they really show keen loyalty to products that really work and their willingness and ability to create this into a business opportunity has been extremely encouraging.  Our products are for everyone who cares about their health and anyone who wants to make some serious income.